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Heritage Calls is committed to bring to you the collector or outdoor enthusiast the very finest investment and collectible waterfowl calls made! Today in the call collecting world, “Heritage Calls” rises to the undisputed pinnacle of this realm, best in the world! And too, “World Famous Heritage Calls®” is indeed just that! “Heritage Calls” and its dealers, ship calls all over the world to Canada, most of Europe, especially Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to all over the United Kingdom, Russia, and Australia, plus even New Zealand, Mexico, and South America!

The owner of “Heritage Calls”, Joe Bucher began with no concept of what the international company “Heritage Calls” was to become. A true artist and craftsman, Joe began his learning experience humbly working for Dale Largent and the world champion “Marshland Game Call Company” in the mid 1970’s carving and painting “Marshland Game Calls”. As time brings change to everything, he struck out on his own doing more complex carvings and hand painting on game calls, developing markets, acquiring dealers across the country plus nationwide catalog distributions of his collectible artistic calls. As fulfilling as this became more success was to be had in the ever-expanding wildlife/sporting markets. In the mid to late 1970s wildlife art and collectibles were exploding in popularity. Commissioned orders for custom duck calls were hard to keep up with. Selling out at wildlife art and sporting shows were common. Orders from dealers were becoming difficult to fill. Often, catalog sales were off the charts. Joe researched the idea of taking his original fine art sketches and engraving them on calls. At this time finding the technology for cylindrical and tapered engraving was challenging. Joe contracted with a Canadian company in the early 1990’s that took on this project and with crude results at first, matrices were made, and success was at hand! The first laser engraved calls were produced! Joe took his collectible engraved calls and hand painted each one meticulously with time consuming detail. “Heritage Calls” was born.  In 1996 “Heritage Calls Inc.” was federally trademarked and in full swing production with a huge national contract from Ducks Unlimited. In later years and very many Ducks Unlimited contracts later, “Heritage Calls” acquired dealers like “Cabela’s,” “Ducks Unlimited Catalog,” and “Bass Pro Shops”. Doing business with major dealers like these was an accomplishment not dreamed of and only doing business with fine companies like “John Deere, “Caterpillar Inc. International” and “Riceland Rice Corp.” Lifted it higher!

In 2010 “World Famous Heritage Calls®” expanded its presence in the outdoor world by forming the “Boonducker” corporation! This will give “Heritage Calls” its first subsidiary company that will cater to the outdoors totally from hunting, fishing, camping, rodeo, float tripping or just having fun in the great outdoors! Look for great gift lines of fun apparel and fine apparel plus home décor and great art, maybe even a few of Joe’s calls! Products representing all aspects of the great outdoors, “Boonduckers” received its first federal trademark in 2011 and 3 more federal trademarks in the last 18 months! Keep an eye out for new exciting products to come and lets all become part of a “Boonducker” nation movement. It will be a blast!!

Today the highest goals are in the works as Joe Bucher’s “World Famous Heritage Calls®” has embarked on a project to represent all North American wildfowl in a highly challenging project encompassing approximately 60 species, known as the “North American Collection”. This traveling exhibit has the most incredible display of flawlessly hand carved and hand painted waterfowl calls ever made. Each exquisite call is intricately detail carved beyond comprehension with a unique vintage hunting theme, referencing a historical event or representing a traditional water fowling area on the North American continent. Joe meticulously hand paints his creations using the very finest quality pure pigmented oil paints, mostly imported from Europe. These oil paints are the very same brands used by the old masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. These great masterpiece works of art with all the extensive carving and unsurpassed superb fine hand painting by Joe can sometimes take up to six months to complete. To view some of these already finished magnificent works of art, please click on the museum tab or better yet, visit an outdoor art or sporting show exhibiting Joe Bucher’s world famous “North American Collection” they are a national treasure, please don’t miss them!!!

World Famous Heritage Calls®

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