Hand Carved

“Inspiring Hand Carved Calls”

In describing Joe Bucher’s incredible carved calls, the word flawless comes to mind. These carvings are just that, so detailed that they could fly right off the call. Individual feathers that are worn and split, detailed bills, feet, perfected round waterfowl sculptured bodies that defy they are actually carved. Whether it is mallards, pintails, canvasbacks or wood ducks, there is no doubt which specie you are observing! The minute detail goes on to baffles the mind. Add in the habitat that accents the wildfowl, whether it is pin oak trees or marsh grass, perhaps cattails, add vines and leaves, throw in an old duck blind, maybe an occasional “critter” and a masterpiece of carved art is made. The possibilities are endless in Joe’s outdoor world. Creativity is never in short supply. These investment calls are in very great demand and very limited. “Heritage Calls” thanks to all our very valued customers and friends and Joe is greatly committed to bringing you the undisputed matchless best carved calls in the world!

Finest quality
Direct from my workshop to you,
I proudly put my name on each one!

Proudly Made in the USA by Me!

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